A blog about making art and other things using cloth, paper, paint, colour, stitch, and all sorts of exciting techniques, some of which I'm sure I still have to discover! I hope that the joy all this gives me is visible in what you can see here.

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Colours of Autumn.

My previous post showed the cloth I was making with printed and stenciled leaves. I divided it into two pieces, producing the above textile, and my November journal quilt,  fourth photo down. The added autumn fruits include Roundhead Blue funghi, conkers, acorns, holly berries, yew berries, blackberries and spindle berries, (unfortunately not very visible in this photo.) 

A couple of close-ups.

I've decided to call this journal quilt 'Frosted Leaves'


Two small 5"x5" pieces echoing the wheels and winches from the two pieces in my previous post.

I went for a walk this afternoon, and most of the leaves seem to have been blown from the trees in the gale force winds of the last 24 hours. Let's hope that we don't get any more weather like that for a few more years. Winds like that can be so damaging, so I hope that if you're reading this, you were safe too.