A blog about making art and other things using cloth, paper, paint, colour, stitch, and all sorts of exciting techniques, some of which I'm sure I still have to discover! I hope that the joy all this gives me is visible in what you can see here.

Monday, 21 October 2013

A Workshop with the Dorking Embroiderers' Guild



Above and below, all working very hard, either on their sewing machines, or on the 'wet' table.

Below, are photos of  'works in progress', and I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of outcomes, everyone had their own brilliant design ideas.

Abstract above, and a meadow full of butterflies below.

A couple of ladies even went outside to collect leaves for some leaf printing motifs, and very successful they were too!

A touch of Klimpt.

Bird in a meadow.

Another touch of Klimpt.

Beautiful butterfly.

I love these daisies.

Above and below, lots of hand stitching going on.

This image shows both the back and the front, and I think they are both equally beautiful in their own right.

I would like to thank the Ladies of the Dorking Embroiderers' Guild for making me feel so welcome, and at ease, (this was my first workshop ever!!!!)  It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them, and I hope that they were as pleased with their results as I was.