A blog about making art and other things using cloth, paper, paint, colour, stitch, and all sorts of exciting techniques, some of which I'm sure I still have to discover! I hope that the joy all this gives me is visible in what you can see here.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

'Looking Down' on Carshalton Ponds.

This is what I've been working on this past week, my version of a birds eye view of Carshalton Ponds, with a flavour of  aboriginal art. I made a similar version a few months ago,  and it sold within a week of being in a local gallery, so this has been commissioned by someone who obviously saw it, and liked it. I hope they will approve of my latest version!

It's an interesting discovery that I've recently made, that whenever I think back to a place I know or have visited, I often see it in my minds eye from above, a 'birds eye view' I suppose. I wonder why this is, and do any of you readers ever do the same thing? 

Thanks once again for 'looking in', or should I say 'down'?