A blog about making art and other things using cloth, paper, paint, colour, stitch, and all sorts of exciting techniques, some of which I'm sure I still have to discover! I hope that the joy all this gives me is visible in what you can see here.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Moody Maps

Maps have always fascinated me, and whenever I start to think back to places I know or have visited, I often see them in my minds eye as if from a 'birds eye' view!

Above is an experimental piece I've been working on for the last couple of days. It's the River Thames as it snakes it's way through London, with a few famous landmark buildings for added interest, and obviously by no means accurate! I have enjoyed making it though, and filling in details with hand and machine stitch onto  rag paper which I have previously coloured with silk paints.

This second piece is actually smaller than the top textile, but looks larger for some reason! It was made from a small section of a paper lamination of a map of Brighton and the South Downs. However, I used an ink jet print instead of a laser print, and the colour mostly disappeared during the soaking process! Anyway, I decided to add my own colour with my Karisma coloured pencils, and then finished it off with free machine stitch. I'm quite pleased with the results, and will be doing some more of these too!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your week.