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Monday, 2 June 2014

Happy Wedding Memories, and 'Something Old'!

It's been quite a few weeks since my last post, but we've had such an exciting time since then, with the wedding of our daughter, which has also meant that both she, our new son-in-law, and gorgeous little grandson have stayed with us for five weeks. 

They are now all safely back home in New Zealand, so I have straight away got stuck into some stitch, and decided to make my Journal Quilt for May which you see above. It is called 'Something Old', and has been made from the table cloth you see below, which was on one of the tables at the wedding reception. I scoured all the local charity shops, and bought enough cotton cloths for all the tables. Much nicer than paper cloths, and all were a bargain!

I have painted it in the colour scheme our daughter chose for the wedding, lavender and green, and I then appliqued the silver heart and bells on top. The cloth had a border of embroidery around the edge, and I've incorporated part of it across the top to fulfil the criteria of a line going from one side to another.

Above is the watercolour I painted for the wedding invitations. I wanted to incorporate an English rose with a New Zealand fern, and it worked well in forming a heart shape.

We needed a box for guests to post their wedding congrats cards into, and so I made this, with a padded and embroidered top. Again, all in the chosen colour scheme.

I have also made a ring cushion, but forgot to photograph it! I will ask my daughter to send me one, and show it in a future post.

I made the bridesmaid dress for our 8 year old grandaughter, it had a little bolero over the top, and a lovely bow detail on the back.

A quick sketch I have made of the bride and youngest bridesmaid before they left for the Registry Office. My idea is that I may try to do some more with free machine stitch.

And finally, While saying our teary farewells at the airport, a lovely young Australian guy plonked this bottle of champagne in my arms! Apparently it was presented to him as a gift just before he was about to go through security, and as no liquids are allowed, he needed to either dump it or give it away. I must have been in the right place at the right time!

Until next time,