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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ghost beds and the marks they've left behind.

I've added more stitch to the above which I showed in my previous post. For some reason, those marks made in the floor of the hospital waiting room are fascinating me. Obviously made by the metal legs on beds, (the waiting room was once a hospital ward), I've started to work on developing the marks for some future textile pieces.

I printed with some staples onto paper, but it is very similar to what I've already done.

Then I wondered about arranging the marks into blocks, in rows and on either side of the paper, to resemble how the beds were probably placed on the hospital ward. This is going to be an ongoing project I think, so I will post more about it as the ideas hopefully develop. I think some hand stitch as the darker autumn evenings unfold will be on the agenda!

Thanks for 'looking in'.