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Friday, 21 January 2011

Contemporary Quilt, suitcase collection. Childhood memories.

Contemporary Quilt set a new 'suitcase collection' quilt challenge for 2011. The title, Childhood Memories , was to be A3 size, and interpreted in any way the maker felt appropriate. This collection of quilts, just under fifty in all, is now complete, and ready to be sent to any group in the country for perusal by it's members.

I have so many childhood memories, and couldn't really decide on which one to interpret into a quilt, so in the end, I decided to build up 15 little areas on the A3 background, each representing a year of my life from birth to age fifteen. I have a mild form of synesthesia, and certain letters, names and numbers relate to colours in my mind. I decided that this could be a starting point, and have used colours relating to memories for each year. I also learned to stitch at a very early age, my mother was always either at her sewing machine or hand sewing, so I have plenty of memories in this area. This was why I decided to hand stitch most of the quilt. It is a very personal piece, and although I realise that it may not mean much to whoever sees it, I still hope that the overall image will be a pleasing one to any observer. I have also included a close-up photo of one of the sections.  
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