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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Gathering Memories Project

A community project in aid of the Alzheimer's Society has been launched to help raise money for their charity. You can find the details here. 

One of my friends sent away for a few of the kits, and I was one of the lucky recipients. Both my own Mum, and Mum in law had forms of dementia, which eventually took their lives as a result of complications caused by this awful disease.

The idea is that you make up a piece of textile art from the kit provided, which includes a length of cream silk fabric, stitched through the centre with gold thread. These strips of silk originally formed a piece of  installation art, which has now been deconstructed. I used my length of silk to form the skirt of the dancer's tutu. 

The theme for the project  is to create a piece of art that reflects a memory personal to the maker. After completion, the piece can either be kept by the maker, or sent back to the organisers for sale in an auction to be held next year. I will probably send mine back.

My memory is threefold really, I always wanted to be a ballet dancer as a child, and can remember how bitterly disappointed I was when I wasn't chosen to be one of the fairy dancers in the school Christmas play. I also truly believed that fairies lived at the bottom of my garden, and then last year I actually went to my very first ballet performance at the Albert Hall, Wonderful!

Thanks for reading, and follow my link above if you think you may be interested in taking part too,