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Friday, 15 November 2013

A Little Sampler Book

I've been experimenting at home this week with the collagraph and layering techniques we were taught by Cas Holmes last weekend. I have used the same collagraph plate of the boat for all except one, but have used it differently each time. I decided to make them all up into a little folding book. The cover, which you see above has a monoprint of another boat, plus a collagraph of a lighthouse, both taken from my sketchbook. I've used scraps of my own dyed/printed fabrics for the layering up, and I think they have added interest as a backgrounds.

The above image was printed with red and black paint, giving the sky a stormy sunset effect. I decided to cover the boat with some light open weave fabric, letting the paint show through, but giving me a lighter, textured surface to stitch into. I also gave the lobster net a similar treatment, and added the shell for interest.

Just the lighthouse on this piece, with some lace for a stormy sea effect, and yellow netting for the beams of light. 

This time, I printed the boat onto rag paper, using brown and red paint. The paint probably wasn't think enough, so I cut the boat shape out completely, and appliqued it down onto the fabric background.

Collagraphed onto some rusted fabric, and then stitched.

I made a rubbing with brown and red oil pastels using tea bag paper over the collagraph plate. This was then placed pastel side down onto the background fabric, and ironed. The heat melted the oil pastel, blending it into the fabric with a good soft effect, and the stitching helped to define the boat shape again.

This is the back of the book, made from something I had stitched previously, with another shell print. I thought it fitted in well with the theme.

These last two images, are to show how the book has been constructed into a concertina. I have really enjoyed playing around with these different ideas, and the little book will remind me of the techniques I have used and experimented with.

Now I need to think of a new theme for my next project using another collagraph plate. Hmmm, I think this could become addictive!

Thanks for looking in!