A blog about making art and other things using cloth, paper, paint, colour, stitch, and all sorts of exciting techniques, some of which I'm sure I still have to discover! I hope that the joy all this gives me is visible in what you can see here.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lavender and Art in the Sun.

The Carshalton allotment lavender field weekend is an annual event. Our local Corner Gallery owner Jackie Kahn had a stall today, selling a few lavender related pieces of art, pottery and cards, but her main focus was to have an arty related activity for the kiddies to enjoy free of charge, which I helped to run. Above is a table all set to go for them to enjoy making small mosaic type collages with fabric, crayons and glitter glue. Below are some of the amazing creations they thoroughly enjoyed making.

I was also invited to sell some lavender related, and other small pieces of art which you can see above.

I took along lots of lavender and green bits and pieces of fabric for the children to use in their collages, thinking that they would want to choose lavender themes for their art work! Oh how wrong I was!

As you can see, they chose a combination of animals, butterflies and a rather smart looking car!

I particularly loved the colourful tiger above.

I made a few lavender related postcards, and small pieces of textile art ready to mount in a frame.

What a thoroughly enjoyable day. Visitors cut armfuls of sweet lavender to take home, and there were plenty of other stalls to wander through, selling potted preserves, jewellery, soaps, cakes, icecreams, and of course lavender bags! The sun shone for us today, and  hopefully we have enthused some young artists to the idea of mixed media and collage.