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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Altered Books, (but what are they for?)

A few more Gelli prints that I made today. Such fun, I just love doing them and so far all I've really used them for is to cover the pages of some very small, 9cm square, board books for children. You can see one below.

I print on photocopy paper, and then give the prints a coat of acrylic wax. This makes the paper a bit stronger, but reasonably easy to stick down onto these pages.

This one (above), was printed on a heavier 100% rag paper, but a bit more difficult to stick down.

This little book was my first, and I decided to add some pages of parchment paper in between the board pages. I felt that the book needed to be used in some way, otherwise what are they for?

It was a bit fiddly adding the extra pages, so I didn't do it for the next two.

Now, although I really enjoy making these little altered books, I do have a problem with trying to decide what they are for! I'm a rather practical sort of person, and everything needs to have a use in my eyes. I was recently told that they should be looked upon as pieces of art in themselves, and I really like that idea, but somehow, I still can't get the thought out of my head that a book is for reading, or for telling a story, or for giving information. I'm working on it though!

Finally, I have also been making paper beads. Quite easy, and lots of fun, and they are great to use for other arty projects.

Fingers crossed the beads remain stuck on!!

Thanks for joining me yet again.